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The Loop

One Island, two people, a unique expedition.

A small discovery leads two adventurers to climb the cliffs of their home island and make unexpected discoveries. Their challenge, obstructed by tons of pollution that is swept up the coast every day, marks a shift in perspective and their interaction with our environment.

Education Explorers

In India more than 3 million girls are out of school. Five adventurers set out to get a deeper understanding of the situation by crossing the country in the most unsuitable vehicle.

They drive a motor rickshaw 3000km from south to north to explore the education landscape of the subcontinent. Along the way they encounter drama, make unexpected friendships and learn about the challenges that girls face. A roadmovie with a twist.

Tibetan Dreams

Eastern Tibet is one of the last frontiers of mountaineering. Following the footsteps of famous Japanese explorer Tamotsu Nakamura, the three Austrian adventurers Judith Boess, Gerald Boess and Paul Niel find themselves in China to explore the Gangga mountain range in October 2015.

All three of them have had successful careers but for too long they have ignored their passion for adventure. Venturing into Tibet is not just about climbing and exploring mountains. Along the way they get captivated by the foreign culture, the friendly people and start a new, very personal journey towards their own dreams.

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My Heroes

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Turning bionic

Turning bionic

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What Matters To Me

What Matters To Me

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