A Mystery in the HK Jungle (finally solved!)

Monday 16 May 2022

It’s a while that I have posted on my website – and I hope that my dear readers haven’t come to conclusion that procrastination or even early retirement had set into my life. Far from it – let me tell you more about my most recent expedition. An adventure that combined WW2 airplanes, jungles, virtual reality and one of the best bunch of people I have ever worked with. Project Avenger: After more than four years preparation, we finally managed to launched the scientific recovery expedition for a WW2 airplane that was found deep in the jungle of Hong Kong. But because lengthy blogs by me probably bore you. Here three great links: A) An article in the Tatler Magazine showcasing the expedition and its background: https://www.tatlerasia.com/power-purpose/ideas-education/hong-kong-excavation-world-war-two-us-warplane B) A great documentary about the expedition by the South China Morning Post https://www.scmp.com/video/scmp-films/3160991/solving-wartime-mystery-hong-kong-uncovering-lost-world-war-ii-warplane C) A talk by the expedition team at the famous Explorers Club Monday evening lectures (the team had the honour to carry Flag 211 into the field)   Finally a few other really cool shots of the expedition, incl about the amazing 3D models that we have done to engage in virtual fieldwork. I will soon (pinky – promise!) post further information on the conclusions and academic publications of the expedition.

Ad astra!

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