My Heroes

Thursday 26 March 2020

We live in very special times – all over the world specialists, professionals and volunteers are battling to keep our healthcare and the lifes our loves ones alive. One thing the COVID-19 pandemic makes us more aware of are the countless professionals all over the world that dedicate their lifes to make our lifes possible. Far too often we forget or simply ignore them in the daily stress of our own lives.   14 months ago, in a moment that changed my life, I came across a particular group of guys – guys I owe my life. A squad of the Hong Kong Fire Services – the High Angle Rescue Team, pulled me and my wife out of the wild jungle in Hong Kong’s New Territories after I took a long, long fall.   It took a while, but I finally managed the story and especially their story for the South China Morning Post.   Here we go:   Dedicated to my heroes!   Thank you Dennis, Kick & Co from the bottom of my heart!

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