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Monday 23 December 2013
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Dear Friends & Supporters,

With the imminent christmas holidays and December coming to an end its a good time to draw a line and look back at an extraordinary year. A year in which I have seen lots of success, achieved some long sought after dreams, but also had a lot of luck!
Most importantly, I am very grateful to your support that has allowed to raise more than USD 40,000 for two very good causes (dZi and Enlighten HK). In the following lines, I will give a short review, as well as more details into what happened with your donations!
With so many highlights to choose from in 2013 its hard to select the favourites (therefore in no particular order:)
Witnessing sunrise on the summit ridge of Mt Everest
Emptying a six pack of beer after walking for 24hour straight down from Denali
Enjoying hundreds of shooting stars in the middle of the ocean, far away from everywhere
Raising a lot of money for charity together with my really good friends at our Santa Clause Party
Getting the opportunity to speak to more than 2000 school kids and inspire them to turn their dreams into reality! (hopefully to many more in 2014!!)
The put the year into numbers (and as a statistician I LOVE numbers):
I spent  76 nights in tents and even more nights in my sleeping bag (rough estimate: 131).
Accumulated more than 123,000 metres of ascent elevation (thats at least what my Garmin watch says…. actual number most likely higher)
Participated in 1 marathon, 5 half marathons, 1 stair race (2120 steps) and 1 race in high heels (!! 2.5 inch heels over a distance of 100m ) 
Sailed more than 7,900 nautical miles of which 5,900 were non-stop across the Atlantic ocean. I even managed to survive a 5 day luxury cruise!
Ascended two 8000m peaks, one 6000m, ascended Japans coldest peak, crossed the Gesaeuse (with my dad:) and reached the 20 highest peaks of Hong Kong
AND most importantly:
With all your great help and support managed to raise more than USD 40,000 for the benefit of Enlighten HK and dZi Foundation.
So what did happen with that money?
Enlighten HK: Beside raising awareness for epilepsy Enlighten helps people who are directly and/or indirectly affected by epilepsy.
Part of the donation, went towards the christmas lunch service, where more than 150 attendees were provided with a platform to share their experiences in handling epilepsy themselves or handling their family members that are affected by epilepsy. Many of the service users come from low-income family so it is also an event where they can celebrate Christmas just like other families.
Furthermore, the remaining proceeds will be used for family days in 2014 where families affected by epilepsy will be able to learn new skills such as cooking/baking workshop, handcraft workshop at a pace appropriate for them (as some of our service users suffer from other physically disabilities) and enhance knowledge.
More information can be found onhttp://www.enlightenhk.org
If you further want to help their cause – here is the link: http://www.simplygiving.com/PaulonEverest
dZi Foundation: The money is supporting a project to improve sanitary conditions in remote Nepali communities – in specific it goes into building local toilets.With your contribution each house hold receives: 

3 pieces of roofing tin
enough plastic 4 inch pipe to connect toilet to a septic tank
1 squat toilet pan
Vent pipe for septic tank
1 50 KG of concrete to plaster the inside of the toilet for easier cleaning.

None of the materials are given to the households until:

6 square meter hole is dung and line with rocks, so the walls don’t cave in.
The building is build, the hole is dug from the toilet pan to the tank.

dZi Foundation with their local partner NGO’s administer’s the process and building so that it is ensured that all help is matched by work in the local communities.
In total your contribution allowed to build more than 250 toilets!
For more information, please visit: www.dzifoundation.org
Additional Donations can be made on: http://www.justgiving.com/paulacrosstheatlantic

Again – none of this would be possible without your help, so again: A Big, Big Thank You!!!
I wish you all quiet and relaxing christmas holidays and a great start into the new year!
May the coming year bring us all the success and achievements you dream about!
All the best!
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