A race in pink (heels)

Wednesday 27 November 2013
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Over the years I have done my fair share of funny events and haven’t shied away if something is for a good cause. So, when a few weeks back I read in Time Out HK about a race in pink heels for the benefit of breast cancer awareness I was game.

The task: Run as fast as possible a distance of hundred metres in pink heels (at least two inches high!). Challenge accepted!
Surprisingly all my male friends had suddenly other plans or feared for their ankles – thankfully my friends Cristina and Laura were more then keen to join in too.

The biggest challenge proved to get suitable shoes – no chance to get a size 11 pink heel in Hong Kong… ebay came to help and with luck I found a small retailer in Australia willing to send some pink shoes, which just arrived in time. With horror I had to realize that they were too small!!! Well, never mind, it would just be for a hundred metres.
Take Saturday – Stanley – a wonderful warm late autumn afternoon on the Promenade. The last preparations were done, tons of spectators were filling the street and I was finally (almost) ready for racing. Well almost – then last minute I was told by my expert friends that my precious shoes from Australia, had a) a too tiny heel (think stilhetto) and b) was a sandal (ie no ankle support) = hence no chance for me to run the hundred metres. Ayah! No chance I would chicken out now!
And anyway I had a backup plan – besides the fastest time there was a second category to win: best outfit – and nobody should beat me here, as I was wearing every pink item I could lay my hands on (think ballerina, angel, pink santa claus cross over….)
Getting dressed and ready for the start (thanks Laura for all the help!) I felt like a celebrity – my outfit must have caused quite a stir as not even a Jamaican sprint superstar would get more photographed than me that afternoon!
Finally the race – ready, steady, go – off we went…..
Laura had advised me to just run on the toes, which lead to hilarous running style – but I made it – in 18.7secs! Overall 7th placed and thankfully no ankle break!
Cristina was even better – she sprinted down the lane as if wearing flats making it to second in the womans.
And the winner (point taken his heels were way, way, way easier to run in) flew down the track and finished in 12.8sec… take that Usain Bolt!

I really hope a lot more of my friends will sign up next year!!! Remember its for a good cause!
Links: http://pinkheels.sportsoho.com/race_info_en.php
PS: Yes, I won the fancy dress outfit 🙂
race video ( (c) Lisette):

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