And the next adventure goes to……. EAST AFRICA!

Sunday 29 December 2013
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Often asked, now revealed: End of January I will be off again to hike and climb through the very wet jungles and mountains of Kenya and Uganda. The rocky spikes of Mt Kenya and the mysterious Mountains of the Moon – Rwenzori, will be the goal.
The whole project started out when my good friend Mike (we had to cope with each other for weeks in a tent on Everest) told me about the great things he and his fiancee are doing in Kenya with their charity – Flying Kites , which helps orphaned children in the region. Check it out: I was intrigued and when he mentioned about the excellent climbing too in the region, there was no way I wouldn’t organize a trip.
Accompanying this time will be my sister Maria! She is a very accomplished climber (she is a professional treeclimber) and probably the best partner in the mountains one can hope for! We should also benefit from her skills as an ecologist when we come around the exotic fauna and flora of equitorial regions (don’t forget the effect global warming had on the development on glaciers there)
Personally East Africa has been the location of one of my most difficult times in climbing – my ascent of Kilimanjaro almost nine years ago was plagued by the flu and pain and tested my will to climb to the max. I will do everything I can to have a more enjoyable trip this time.
But its East Africa after all and adventure is almost guaranteed. The western side of Rwenzori is totally off limits at the moment, with rebel groups fighting up in the hills of Congo. While we are in the midst of preparation, packing wellies, umbrellas, climbing stuff and trying to get permits etc… I can suggest some excellent reading – the best mountain book that has ever been written (in my humble opinion at least:) “No picnic on Mount Kenya” ( – featuring two Italian POW attempting to climb the mountain.
Stay tuned for more updates….
In the meantime I wish a great and successful start into 2014! Heri za Mwaka Mpya 2014!

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