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Wednesday 21 October 2015
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IMG_2079 Last September I ventured with friends into a remote corner of Tibet ( – it was an expedition into the unknown – we had no maps, no guides, no porters and literally no idea! It was an amazing trip, but in the end bad weather, some poor decisions and suboptimal preparation rendered the adventure unsuccessful. Avid readers can find a report with more details here: ( In a few days Gerald, Judith and me will venture back! With us will be two crazy Spanish brothers (yes, the Elias brothers, promise you gonna read more about them) as well as Lothar and Martin. We want to continue and improve where we let out a year ago. Together we have spent several weeks over the summer to prepare in Europe – again our target is the remote Gangga region. Our eye is on Zhouda-shan, a 5429m high rock pinnacle, steep, cold and unapproachable.. we are prepared for the unknown, the unexpected…. one thing is for sure – its going to be a huuuuge adventure! If you want to follow us – Like the following page! we are going to post regular updates (satellite phone and the great firewall of China permitting): DSCN1245

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