Thursday 23 January 2014
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I remember very clearly getting an toy medic helicopter as a present…. for hours I was playing rescue missions on the steep pile of sand in front of hour house, as I was “rescueing” climbers from the treacherous North Face! The helicopter was from Playmobil – famous for its toy figures. These stand 7.5cm tall  (a 1:25 human model), hence slightly larger than LEGO man and a come in thousands of different outfits and versions. This year is a special one for Playmobil as it celebrates its 40 year anniversary. Born in 1974 in Germany, they have conquered the world 🙂 

Having put the first ever Playmobil Figures to the top of Mount Everest (see picture on my website), I have now the honour to be accompanied by one special character – Tim (the World Traveller). Equipped with a guidebook (think its a Lonely Planet) and a great camera, he will come with me on my journeys. His shorts and T-Shirt however were however a bit underdressed for the most recent trips to Harbin (China) and Hokkaido. 
His travels can be tracked on the following webpage ( Tab: “Eine PLAYMOBIL-Figur reist um die Welt”.) 
Right now Tim is on a plane to Nairobi, where my next adventure is about to start. Three weeks of trekking and climbing in East Africa. The first destination is Mt. Kenya, Africas second highest peak. We try to ascend the two highest points – Nelion and Batian through the famous “Gate of the Mist” Stay tuned!

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