Lost in Mostviertel

Thursday 19 December 2013

Anybody familiar with the following situation: You have a really important appointment and just minutes before it is due you realize you are in the wrong location?

So it happened Tuesday night as I was underway to my first live radio interview – Too bad that I realised only fifteen minutes before interview start that I had driven into the wrong village. Even worse I didnt even know how to get to the correct place (come on, who seriously knows the way to Leonhard/Forst)? Unsurprisingly – no 3G reception (= no Google Maps), no GPS and no street map in the car 🙁 When I finally found somebody to ask for help, I got told my destination is still 25km away(!!!) – Rally Mostviertel followed, I can only hope the police had a day off.

No idea how I made it…all I remember is storming into the studio the second the weather announcement finished and my interview was about the start.

Can you still hear me catch my breath?


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