Some stories for the christmas holidays…

Wednesday 24 December 2014
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As a lot of us are settling into the quiet time over the christmas holidays  – I thought i share a bit of reading material. The last few weeks saw quite a few articles published – here the stories – have fun!

In the meantime i hope you enjoy tons of great food, mulled wine and cookies! Sadly, the snow is missing – in Austria at least! 🙁

Merry Christmas!

2014-12-24 12.36.36

a) “Hochschule fuer Weltenretter” (TREND , November 2014)   (a story in Austria’s leading business magazine about my time at Singularity University)

Trend Singularity

b) Chasing a High” (SCMP Post Magazine, 23 November 2014) – A diary account of my last expedition in Eastern Tibet)

Massif Attack – Gangga

c) XLIFE Magazine – Chinese account, great title page “PAUL NEIL”  (!! 🙂 – never had that one before)


d) Education Drive – SCMP Post Magazine 2014: A preview for the upcoming adventure in India

Post Magazine 

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