our boat has a pool!

Tuesday 13 August 2013
CATEGORY: Expedition
TAGS: Sailing

Its 16 days and 10 hours until race start – my home for at least five weeks on our crossing of the Atlantic. Yacht CV24 of the Clipper fleet, official title: “Switzerland” got quickly nicknamed Heidi!The first two weeks of sailing have revealed a few necessary repairs, which are currently undertaken by a few very busy members of our race crew. On Sunday the journey to London will begin! A few stats to our brand new 70ft vessel:  

Length overall
Mainsail area
123.19 m2
Asymmetric spinnaker area
330.34 m2
Mast height (from waterline)
29 m
31,700 kg

In addition Heidi featurs twenty super comfortable bunks and a very spacious galley (just kidding). To our great surprise we found on Heidi’s infant sail, that she also features a great pool in the lazaret – probably not intentionally. Looks like the special thanks for this unexpected amenity goes to a leaking rudder. One more thing to be fixed before race start. Hopefully Heidi isn’t taking guidance from our Swiss sponsors – already enough holes in the Emmental cheese!

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