Monday 26 August 2013
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or better the art of squeezing all my stuff into a not so big red duffel. At skippers orders a maximum of 20kg is allowed (thats excluding oilies (= the rain kit) and boots).
So how many T-shirts, books and underpants does one take along on a six week long sailing trip? Well not a lot as there is just not enough space on our boat!

In goes – along other stuff:
– Headlamp 2x (with red light in order keep night vision)
– lots of Merino clothing (thats a special wool that keeps warm and does NOT smell!! – very handy, if the intention is to wear the same piece of clothing for a week)
– my crew uniform (more on that in a few days)
– Drinking tables (just water all the time doesn’t do the trick and our tank is especially brackety)
– my Gopro camera to shoot a few action videos
– my Laptop and an additional hard disk (to edit and cut videos and maybe, maybe watch a movie… wishful thinking!!)
– some sturdy hangers, a washing line, clips and carabiners..

…and last but not least also a Lederhosen 🙂

everything painfully marked and stored in dry bags.

In Hong Kong remains:
Books (experience from the last few training shows that the 4hour on / 4 hour watch rhythm doesn’t really allow for a lot of reading)
Jeans and casual clothes for the stopovers (guess I will be able to buy some stuff in Brazil, worst case I use my sailing gear)
Sunscreen and Waterbottle (thanks to our sponsors SIGG and Clarins I can save on that)
and a lots, lots more that didn’t make the cut!
i have the feeling I will actually shed a bit more when I arrive in London……

So finally the big question – will I keep the weight limit?

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