Rain & Pandas in Chengdu

Thursday 18 September 2014
CATEGORY: Expedition
TAGS: China | Mountain

Rain of all sorts has greeted us in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. Having barely escaped the typhoon in Hong Kong I was hoping for some weather…a no go. It didn’t really matter, however as we spent the better part of the last two days sorting out gear and doing last minute shopping (buying all the calories which we will need for high up on the mountain – suggestion for the most balanced high calorie/low weight (as in package weight) lunch package are very welcome!) In the meantime also the rest of the team has arrived- Ed, Dan & Rob, all three from Australia are joining myself and fellow Austrians Judith and Gerald on the trip. The team is completed by Alex (Translator) and Pim our Liasion Officer and Cook in union…. a very cool and relaxed team. Already tonight we got a proper initiation into Sichuan cuisine (super hot, do i need to say more) and drinking culture (Beijo + Snow beer 🙁 Chengdu is famous for its Pandas – they are everywhere, as statues, kids tours even the logo of the local taxis is a Panda!!! Now the Panda sanctuary must rank as one of the most positive surprises I ever had in China – lush bamboo garden roam the paths and there is ample space for each panda, as they spend the time either sleeping or eating away! well, i have to admit, they are probably the cutest animals on the planet!! Despite the sightseeing the team has already made first thoughts on the mountain and the route – our aim is the highest peak in the central Gangga Massif (see Google earth below)- a snowy, but unglaciered mountain, that so far nobody has even attempted….. well, we will see how our luck works out. We are heading out tomorrow morning – early morning. Into the electronic whiteout!!

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