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Thursday 10 October 2013
CATEGORY: Expedition
TAGS: Sailing
We have made it! Unbelievable, what a relief –  Team Switzerland has crossed the finish line of race 2 of the Clipper Round the World Race 13-14. For the 5500 miles we needed 30 days 4 hours and 41 minutes. That earns us a 10th place ahead of Mission Performance. Over the last 24 hours we have been steadily closing in on Team Garmin, finishing about 60miles  (30 miles after redress) behind them (just three days ago it was more than 200miles), but it proved too late!
I spent most of my last day below deck as I had to serve my last mother watfch – not an easy task to prepare acceptable food with the little reserves we have left on board. There was also no more bread as we have run out of flour a few days ago.. A little bit of porridge hat do for breakfast. With some tins of freeze dried meat and tomato sauce as well as egg noodles I managed to serve at least a somewhat acceptable dinner (it had similarities to Bolognese).
The mood hit a high when Karina finally found a last secret stash of 17 Kit-Kat (how do you devide those on 22 people?), not to forget the three bars of Manner Schnitten and the bag of Mozartkugeln that I had kept in my bag until last and that were eagerly gulped down (a big thanks to my mum!!!).
All of the crew is happy to finally touch land. For the round the world crew members, the race starts again in three days so its only a short time they can spend ashore. For me – its back to civilization and the life of abundance – no rationing of drink, food, sleep etc for a while 🙂
What do I look most forward to?
a beer (or two or three)
a shower
a shave
clean clothes (actually a laundry)
a Biiiiig Brazilian BBQ
Best in that order :)….
What I am not looking forward is my inbox, that is for sure overflowing (oh boy, how nice was 4 weeks of no internet and email).
Before we can enjoy these pleasures of shore life however the whole crew has to complete a boat deep clean (v important, as the living quarters have taken on a special odeur!). All the floorboards, matraces, sailes and so on come of the boat and receive a wash down.
Its too early yet to properly recap all the impressions – what as a rollercoaster ride, in a lot of ways – emotional, endurance, physical etc… more on that hopefully soon!

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