The power of Change (=my first TEDx Talk)

Thursday 12 June 2014
CATEGORY: Lifelesson

Back in March i posted: “escape from the hamster wheel” – a summary of my twelve months outside the corporate rat race and the lessons learnt. I was surprised by the amount of feedback i got on it! Thanks a lot!Well, beginning of April I was asked to speak at a TEDx event here in Hong Kong- the event was on the topic of: The Power of Change I did a lot of thinking – (how did change influence my life?) – and at last decided to use my “hamster wheel” blog as an inspiration. The result can be seen on the following link: Yeah, the picture and sound isn’t perfect (the lighting makes me look a bit scary, no?) and there were also some technical problems during my talk (somehow the slides didnt want to click onwards) 🙁 Apparently a curtain was blocking the pointer!) – but i hope you all get the picture: Follow your gut & and your passion! Any Feedback (posts or email, positive and negative) very much appreciated! !

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