What a year… for Tim

Sunday 28 December 2014
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        Checking my Facebook Update the last few days I realised a lot of friends are posting their year… in photos. Now here is my opportunity to give a quick review for Tim. Tim arrived in my postbox exactly 365 days ago – to clarify: Tim is my rather small (i.e. 7cm) tall travel companion – together we have checked out some awesome destinations over the last twelve months. We have travelled to 5 continents. Tim has accumulated 123,259 Asia Status miles (i.e. if I would have been smart enough to register him with Cathay Pacific he would have made it to Diamond membership straight away). He has gone AWOL 5 times, always resulting in a replacement arriving shortly afterwards at my doorstep. He visited empty beaches, sunken ships, wild Gorillas, wild jungles, crazy desert parties and never explored mountains – He even went by drone over the houses of Hong Kong (http://youtu.be/oDkDXmoJCZQ) In other words: Tim is a true explorer! So here are the stats and rankings:  Countries travelled (20): Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Netherlands, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Thailand, Vanuatu, Qatar, USA, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, India Asia-Europe Flights: 14 Times on Lantau Peak: 3x Mountains climbed: Zhouda (China): 5350m  (highest point reached) Mt Kenya – Batian (Kenya): 5199m Mt Stanley/ Rwenzori (Uganda/ Congo): 5109m Gran Paradiso (Italy) : 4061m   Coldest Place: Harbin (Ice Festival) -32C Most explosive Place: Vanuatu (Erupting Volcanoe) Secretive Place: California (Top of Hangar XXX – errr- correction, Tim has never been there!) With so many experiences: Thanks for sharing the journey & all the best for 2015!!


photo photo 3 photo 1   IMG_9501 IMG_9241 IMG_9211   IMG_3994 IMG_3569 IMG_3564 IMG_3540 IMG_3538 IMG_3443 IMG_3423 IMG_3338 IMG_3334 IMG_3309 IMG_3299  IMG_3256 IMG_3247 IMG_3221 IMG_2082 IMG_2061 IMG_1845 IMG_1637 IMG_1520  IMG_1184 IMG_0992 IMG_0507 IMG_0419 IMG_0367   DSCN1520 DSCN0882 DSCN0686 2014-11-08 08.49.56 2014-11-06 16.15.56 2014-11-06 12.26.44

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